Oatmeal Power

Ahhh, Thursday, how I love you. Having no class today meant that I got to sleep in (I consider “sleeping in” laying in bed until 8:30) and leisurely enjoy my new TJ’s pumpkin spice coffee. Mornings really are my favorite part of the day, and this morning started out like any good morning should, with a big, warm bowl of banana and peanut butter oatmeal. I swear that breakfast will never get old. Although all I wanted to do was stay in my warm pjs and stare at the rain through my window all day, I worked up enough motivation to eventually get myself to the gym. Most of the time, the hardest part of working out is psyching yourself enough to actually do it, but I am so glad I did because I had an awesome run.

Post-gym, I picked up a few essentials at TJ’s and World Market and then headed home for lunch. I know salad doesn’t exactly scream warm, rainy-day, comfort food, but it was still delicious. I picked up a salad on campus, and it started out as this pretty arrangement

Then I added a 1/2 c. of red kidney beans for some extra protein, 1/4 c. of garlic hummus for a little fat, and a huge glob of pineapple salsa and turned it into this mess…

After a few hours of reading for my Clinical Nutrition class, it was dinner time. This is one of my go to meals because it is super simple and you can use pretty much anything you have on hand. In my bowl went 3/4 c. Barilla Tortellini, 1 AmyLu Caramelized Onion and Feta Chicken burger, 1 c. of frozen veggies and 1/2 c. marina sauce. Simple and delicious.

Time for me to snuggle into my warm bed and watch some Hulu 🙂 Tomorrow is Friiiiidayyyyy!!


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