Sunday, Runday

My legs were NOT happy with me this morning….all those squats and jumps I did in yesterday’s body weight circuit left me feeling sore this morning! That is just proof that I need to do more strengthening exercises! I went to bed last night knowing that I wanted to get a run in today, and even though my legs were tight, I knew once I got moving I would be okay. I was right! No soreness during my long loop through Davis. I took my workout outdoors today for a change. Running outside makes running seem to go so much faster! I think when I am stuck on a treadmill staring at the wall, I get bored and start to think about what is going on with my body as I run, like “my sock is starting to fall down”….”my shorts keep riding up”…”the bottom of my foot itches”. This definitely makes the workout seem to draaaag on, and makes it less enjoyable. However, when I’m outside, there are plenty of new things to look at and the time seems to fly. Not to mention, the weather today was perfect for running. I felt great afterwards, but hours later, around dinner time my hunger caught up to me. I was huuuungry! I didn’t have anything to make for dinner that I felt would be substantial, so I took myself out to dinner for a rather indulgent meal.
Being able to eat meals like this on occasion make working out so worth it. I enjoyed every delicious bite of this giant Carnitas quesadilla. I left feeling thoroughly stuffed, and it was so worth it.
Why Would Jessica Eat This?: Because I wanted it. Plain and simple!

This marks the end of another weekend and the start of a new week of school. Luckily, I have something to look forward to because Jason is coming up for work on Thursday 🙂 Goodnight!


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