Fat: Friend or Foe?

Wow, you guys are creative! I have been loving all the great entries into the Rudi’s Organic Bakery contest! If you haven’t entered yet, get on it, you still have time!

My appetite has been so off lately. My body is a creature of habit…I eat my meals around the same time everyday, so my body has come to expect food at a certain time, but my appetite has been really decreased lately. Today was a rest day from working out, which of course didn’t help my already wacky appetite. A lot of people who don’t exercise regularly complain that when they do start doing some sort of physical activity they end up getting hungrier than normal, eating more and gaining weight. The key to beating this is consistency. Engaging in regular physical activity will actually help to regulate your appetite, which of course is key to prevent weight gain.

My wacky appetite made it hard to think of what I wanted for dinner. There was a perfectly ripe avocado sitting in my fruit basket, so I started from there. Looking through my pantry, I found a packet of Trader Joe’s taco seasoning that I bought last week. Taco Night!

I started by sauteeing some tri-colored bell peppers and onions in a pan with some non-stick cooking spray, while George Foreman prepared my chicken
Once the chicken was done, I added it to the mix, along with some taco seasoning and a handful of broccoli slaw for a little extra crunch
I topped a whole wheat tortilla with 1/4th of an avocado and the last of my peach salsaAll together now!My eyes were bigger than my tortilla, and I had a bunch of filling left that I just ate sans tortilla.

Why Would Jessica Eat This?: Avocados are a fabulous source of unsaturated, or “good” fat. Don’t fear the fat! Fat plays a vital role in the diet, including aiding with absorption of fat-soluble vitamins (like Vitamin A) and helps with satiety. If you eat fat at every meal, you will feel full sooner and stay full longer. Remember, fat is your friend!


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