WIAW: I’m Back!

I had so much fun last week that I had to come back for another

This was my first Halloween being able to pass out candy, and I got a disappointing eight trick-or-treaters. Eight! I am now left with the remains of a GIANT Costco bag of chocolate candy. Fortunately, (or unfortunately?) none of it made it into this morning’s breakfast
My usual banana and cinnamon oatmeal mixture topped with some Banana PB and SF Blackberry preserves.

Today for my Food Service Management Lab I had to go to a human nutrition research center on campus that does dietary testing on humans. It was interesting to see where the food for all these studies was made and how precise they have to be about all their ingredients and measurements. I learned a lot about what goes into the research side of the nutrition field! They are always looking for participants in their studies and I am hoping to join as one on a future study.

Lunch was simple.A refried bean and cheese burrito on a whole wheat tortilla
With sauteed yellow zucchini squash and onions on the side.

Tonight’s dinner included one of my childhood obsessions. Shaped pasta!

When I was little I loved getting this stuff for every season or holiday, and when I saw it at World Market recently, I had to pick some up.

The pumpkin and leave shaped pasta was the base of what I will call “lasagna pasta”
1 c. pasta
Sauteed onions
2/3 c. ground beef
1/2 c. Marinara sauce
1/4 c. cottage cheese

Simple and delicious. Goodnight!


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