Like I said previously, my eats lately have been pretty boring because I am going home on Thursday, but I managed to scrape together a few decent meals today.

Breakfast was oatmeal with a packet of fat-free hot chocolate, cinnamon and a little stevia mixed in. I cooked it in the microwave with 1/2 c. vanilla soymilk and 1/2+ c. of milk. Topped off with a Tbsp. of chunky PB for some extra protein and fat.It was freeeeezing today, so after class, I walked over to Starbucks and treated myself to my new favorite treatCoffee with SF vanilla and SF peppermint syrup plus a little soymilk. Super delicious and holiday-ish tasting, all for around 20 calories.

Lunch was eaten on campus before a meeting
A grilled tomato and Mozarella salad paired with a fruit cup and an apple.I had high hopes for this, but I really wasn’t impressed.

Dinner was a whole wheat tortilla topped with refried beans, salsa, chicken, lettuce and a sprinkling of taco seasoning.
All wrapped up!
It helped power me through some last minute studying for tomorrow morning’s Clinical Nutrition midterm. Wish me luck!


12 thoughts on “WIAW #3

  1. Grilled tomatoes and mozzarella is the best combination ever. In my food science lab we just learned how to make mozzarella and we combined it with baby tomatoes. I could not stop eating it. Addicting.

  2. Eats are always a bit meh when you're trying to finish everything up. I remember the last week before I came to London- same of everything and some strange combos too!!Good luck with studying and have fun taking your exam. Hey, it's only one right?

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