Thanksgiving, Round #1

You know what is better than Thanksgiving? Two Thanksgivings! Since I will not be home on the 24th, my mom wanted to celebrate the holiday while I was home this weekend. I loaded my plate with all the usual fixings including salad, green beans, stuffing, (multiple) biscuits, and my favorite ever sweet potatoes. Plus champagne, dessert and coffee that went un-photographed.
Compared to the typical calorie-laden Thanksgiving meals, my mom’s is pretty healthy, I must say!

I had a great weekend at home, and last night before I went to the airport, we wrapped up the fun with a little happy hour complete with boxed wine and chips.
My parents, Jason and I sampled both the Chardonnay and the Cabernet. I am no wine aficionado, but I thought they were both pretty good! The unique thing about these is obviously their packaging. CalNatural’s Tetra-Pak flexible packaging is eco-friendly, and producing it takes much less energy than it does to produce the traditional wine bottle. We were discussing all the places you could easily take these boxes, such as on a picnic, on a hike or to the beach and you wouldn’t have to worry about carrying heavy bottles, or having them break. We joked that the only thing that would make the boxes better was a little hole at the top and a sippy straw attached to the back. That would make it the perfect Mommy or Daddy juice box!We also snacked on some Beanitos chips. We tried three flavors, Black Bean, Chipotle BBQ and Cheddar Cheese, and they were all delicious! I was pretty surprise by the nutrition stats on these things…not only are they gluten free for all those out there suffering with sensitivities, but they were also high in fiber, protein and contained Omega 3’s. I think this is a great, tasty alternative to the traditional fried potato chips out there on the market, and I think they will be a staple in our house from now on!It was an all around great weekend at home, but I am more than ready to get back to my normal eating routine and the gym!


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