Garlic and Basil Tuna Lettuce Wraps

My latest obsession? Wrapping things in lettuce! You saw my “protein-style” chicken burger last week…now its tuna salad! It’s a nice alternative to bread, and gives a great crunch to your meal. Today’s lunch was my newest wrapped creation…Garlic and Basil Tuna Lettuce wraps.
LinkIn a separate bowl, I mixed a can of chunk light tuna, with a wedge of Swiss flavored Laughing Cow cheese and a squirt of Gourmet Garden’s Chunky Garlic Blend and their Basil Blend.

These tubes of organic, blended herbs were a new addition for me, but I am already in love! I am a huge garlic lover, but often leave it out of my cooking just because I am too lazy to peel and chop it! This is the perfect solution because all you have to do it squeeze the tube, talk about convenient! Another plus? I find it hard to quickly use up fresh herbs from the grocery store that come in large bunches, but these tubes ensure no waste, they just need to be refrigerated or frozen. Plus, the tubes contain all the beneficial nutrients as fresh. The mixture was enough to place about 2-3 Tbsp. on 5-6 big leaves, which I then rolled up. Rounded out with a small heirloom tomato on the side, and another new obsessionChobani!
Alright, so this isn’t really new to me…as a huge Greek yogurt fan, I have tried Chobani before, but usually stuck to the Plain 0% flavor, but wow, the flavored version does NOT disappoint. I had the Pineapple flavor with my lunch yesterday and nearly fell out of my chair. The texture is great….thick and creamy like any good Greek yogurt should be, with the perfect amount of real fruit chunks mixed through out. There is a Pomegranate flavored one sitting in my fridge that I am so excited to try!

Why Would Jessica Eat This?: Chobani, and other Greek yogurt in general, is a great source of protein, usually containing more than the regular version. Chobani contains a custom blend of cultures that were created just for the company, and is made with milk they recieve daily from local farms. It is all-natural, free of synthetic hormones and is made with real fruit. It is a product that you can certainly feel good about eating!


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