WIAW + What Barrett Ate Wednesday

I was excited about today’s breakfast yesterday night when I went to bed, because of something verrrry special that I picked up yesterday…Cinnamon Raisin Swirl Peanut Butter!
Combined with the canned pumpkin that I also purchased yesterday, it made for a delicious start to my morning!
After my morning class, I hit the gym to bust out 40 minutes on the spin bike and another 10 on the elliptical. It felt great!

Lunch was basically a repeat of yesterday…it was so good I couldn’t help myself!Garlic and Basil Tuna Lettuce Wraps. Just as good as I remember (from yesterday 😉 )!Rounded out with a Lemon flavored Chobani and a Banana Nut VitatopHave you ever had Vitatops? If not, give them a try! They are vitamin packed muffin tops that are only 100 calories each, so they won’t give you a muffin top! They have a great cake-like texture and taste like an indulgent treat while delivering 4-10 grams of fiber, 3-5 grams of protein and very little fat. They come in tons of flavors, and there are even sugar-free options available. Actually I enjoyed the Vitatop I had with lunch so much, that I had to have another one for dinner!
I switched from sweet to savory, and enjoyed a Golden Corn flavored muffin top with a frozen Kettle Cuisine soup.This was the first time that I tried one of these soups, but I was quite impressed! The chili was full of beans and chunks of Angus beef steak! Another thing I was impressed with was the ingredient list, it was simple and everything included was incredibly wholesome. No weird, unpronounceable or foreign ingredients here! 22 grams of protein, high fiber content, and one full serving of veggies…you can be sure I will be getting this product again. Perfect for when you don’t feel like cooking! It even had a little kick to it. I ended up crumbing my corn muffin on top, and the flavors did a great job of complementing each other.

Barrett also wanted to participate in What I Ate Wednesday. He had his first Peanut Butter Sandwich today.He wouldn’t stop sitting there and staring at me after I gave it to him….I think that meant he liked it 😉 What can I say, like mother like son!


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