Southern Comfort

I have never been to the south, but I think I would really fit in there. I hear they eat a lot of Macaroni and Cheese, which I basically considered a food group when I was little. And how could you not think about the south without immediately thinking “barbeque”? My mom, although not from the south, makes what I consider to be the best slow-cooker BBQ pulled pork this side of the Mississippi, and I always request it when I am home. The cold, gloomy weather this week left me craving comfort food in the form of my mom’s dish, but of course, not being able to get my hand on any being that I am currently 400 miles away, I had to settle on the next best thing.
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Trader Joe’s Chicken-less Pulled Chicken. Definitely not as good as mom’s, but still pretty good! I have gotten this a few times before, and the best part is the sauce.

Feeling the need for more comfort form in the form of gooey carbs, I channeled my inner southern girl, and had the great idea of combining the BBQ with Mac & CheeseGenius.On second thought, going to the south could wreak havoc on me. I was able to keep this dish on the light side, but I could only imagine the amount of calories, fat and sodium that would be in the real thing! Yikes! I think I will stick to my version the next time a southern craving strikes.

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