What I am Thankful for…

This guyObviously.August 4th, 2012 ❤

My entire family.

Especially my Mama Bear
The other man in my life
My wonderfully awesome future family in law.
The beautiful city I call home.
The unconditional love that I both give and recieve.
The fact that I have truly found my calling in life.
The fact that I am able to go to a wonderful college and learn about what I love everyday.
The fact that I am almost DONE with college!
The fact that I have so much to look forward to in the next few years.
Super sweaty, heart-pumping workouts.
My legs, and how they enable me to run.
My determination, passion and creativity.
Coffee in the mornings.
Peanut butter, any and all.
Cake, any and all.
Being able to look on the bright side.
Home cooked meals.
Warm sunshine.
The creation of artificial sweeteners (Yes. Really. )
Champagne (I’m not gonna lie!)
New episodes of my favorite shows.
When studying pays off with good grades!
Doing and receiving random acts of kindness.
Warm clothes right out of the dryer.

Just to name a few 🙂

What are you thankful for today?


4 thoughts on “What I am Thankful for…

  1. I am grateful for a kind and generous daughter with a very loving heart. I am grateful that she has found a wonderful man to share her life with, and a career that she is passionate about. Life is richer if we appreciate that we receive more than we give.Love, Mom

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