Getting Back On Track

Welcome back! I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend and had time to relax and eat some good food! Speaking of good food…who had to much of it this weekend, besides me? Yummy healthy options were certainly around this weekend, but I definitely paid more attention to (meaning ate more) of the sugary stuff. But, hey, it was Thanksgiving spent with family and I enjoyed every minute of it! And, today is the perfect opportunity to get back on track!

So your suffering from a food hangover…what should you do?
-Do NOT restrict!
This might seem like the easiest way to counteract a weekend of indulgent eating, but starving yourself will not only make you miserable, chances are it will just make you want a slice of that left over pie in the fridge even more (and not to mention, you will probably go for it!)
-Eat breakfast
Just like restricting, skipping meals is not going to help you undo anything that you ate this weekend
-Focus On Whole, Nutrient Dense Foods
This will ensure you start getting all those important vitamins and minerals that you probably missed this weekend
-Avoid Processed Foods and Added Sugars and Salts as Much as Possible
Reducing sodium will help reduce that post holiday bloat
Not only will this help burn some of those extra green bean casserole calories off, it will help you deal with some of the stresses that seem to pop up around this time of the year, and help improve your overall well-being
-Set a Few Attainable, Measurable Health Goals for Yourself
They could be adding a day of exercise every week from now until Christmas, not eating dessert during the week or drinking more water throughout the day. Pick something that you think will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle through the next few holiday weeks and write it down to keep yourself accountable
-Make Friends With Your Freezer
Who doesn’t love leftovers? Well, your waistline won’t if you are repeating your holiday meal for the next two weeks straight. If you have a lot of leftovers, pack up half into individual portions and freeze them so you don’t feel pressured to stuff yourself with them before they spoil
-Kick Regret to the Curb
Sure, I probably ate more home-made cream puffs than I needed this weekend, but hey, how often do I get home-made cream puffs?! They were awesome, and tasted so delicious that I couldn’t keep my hands off of them. And I enjoyed every bite. It’s all about 80%/20%, remember?

In an effort to focus on healthy, nutrient dense eats this week, I brought some greens into my life for lunch.I picked up one of my favorite salads while on campus today, and took it home with me for lunch. Portobello mushrooms, black olives, feta cheese, couscous and bell peppers on a bed of spinach, added to the last of a bag of wilted lettuce I had in the fridge, salsa, and this cute packet of hummus that I also got on campus.
Plus a CranBran flavored Vitatop.
I ❤ healthy eating.

What are you doing to get back on track this week?


4 thoughts on “Getting Back On Track

  1. Great tips Jessica! We don't have Thanksgiving here in the UK, but I know that there's going to be lots of indulgence and mince pie eating in the lead up to Christmas. My plan is to try and not eat too excessively and go for a few more runs and bike rides than normal to counter the additional calorie intake.BTW, the salads from your campus look totally delicious! I didn't have anything like that at Uni… our canteen was full of overcooked mushy veggies, fries, cheese and doughnuts 😦

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