Love Your Heart

So who wants to know about diseases of the cardiovascular system and how you can treat them with nutrition therapy?! Anyone??? No? Oh, okay. Well, if you do I’m your girl, because I just spent the last week studying it in preparation for yesterday’s midterm, and now I am working on a take-home final that is case study about it. Love your heart people because this stuff isn’t pretty.
Wooh! My brain has been working at full capacity this week, but its not over yet because next week is finals week…eek!

To fuel my brain for some early morning studying, I came up with a new creation. Okay…it’s not really what you would call a “creation”, but it’s definitely something new!
Jessica’s Natural Foods Almond-Cherry granola, pure pumpkin and vanilla soy milk, all warmed in the microwave for a minute, because it is COLD in my house!Protein? Check. Carbs? Check. Fruit? Check. Fiber? Check. Filling and delicious? Check!
Now I’m off to the gym to squeeze in a run. Did you know that exercise greatly increases your brain’s ability to not only learn new knowledge, but also to retain more of it for longer. Just another reason to get moving!

Why Would Jessica Eat This?: Soy milk isn’t just for people who can’t consume cow’s milk. It provides as much bone-building Calcium as regular milk, in addition to Omega 3s and soy, a perfect protein. Drink up!


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