WIAW: The Fashionably Late Edition

Oops…looks like I am a day behind! I completely blame it on having to take the GRE yesterday, leaving my house before 6:30 a.m. and not getting home from the test (which was in LA) until 4 in the afternoon. Needless to say, it was a long, mentally exhausting day…I am just glad that it is over!
I am not used to eating breakfast when it is still dark outside, but since we had to get on the road before 6:30, I did have many other options. A bowl of banana oatmeal for brain fuel.

To my horror, every Trader Joe’s location I have been in for the past few week has been completely sold out of cookie butter! I got desperate for the stuff, and bought a jar of Biscoff Butter as a temporary substitute. I had heard a lot about Biscoff Butter before, but this was my first jar. I like it a lot, but Cookie Butter still holds a special place in my heart.

Once we got on the road, my mom offered to treat me to a drink at Coffee Bean to make my morning a little more bearable. I ordered an (unpictured) Vanilla Au Lait with Soy Milk. Yep…made my morning better!

After an hour and a half drive, a half hour of waiting, and four hours of test taking, I felt like my brain was going to melt out of my ears. Lunch, please!
Since it was past 2 p.m., and we were both starving, I did a quick Google search and found the closest possible In N Out. I ordered a cheeseburger protein style with grilled onions. Hit the spot!

Once we finally got home, I was able to relax for a little bit before Jason offered to make me dinner. That’s twice this week…yep, told ya he was a winner! πŸ™‚

An omelet with a sprinkle of cheese and a few bits of steak and a side of broccoli.

On the drive home from LA, my mom offered to stop at my favorite cupcake shop so that we could pick up some treats to celebrate my test being over. That is an offer I could never refuse! I saved my treat until after dinner, and it was definitely worth the wait.Yum!

Apparently someone else was hoping I would shareLuckily for Mr. Barrett, I dropped a few crumbs in my lap, which he made sure to take care of promptly.


6 thoughts on “WIAW: The Fashionably Late Edition

  1. I know there are some cookie butter recipes floating around the blog world as well. I'd like to give them a try when I run out! I think TJ's needs to make cookie butter a year round product!That cupcake looks EPIC! Where is it from!? I love the cupcake trend – I'm on a mission to find the best cupcake shop!

  2. Wow that salad looks like one I could eat! Maybe we can give Mimi's a second chance… :)And my Omelets clearly need more work, but practice makes perfect and I'm sure eating them is a task you can handle!LOVE you soo much baby! Loving the blog, keep it up!

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