One Last Hurrah

Yesterday afternoon, before I left for the airport, Jason took me to lunch for one last hurrah before I got thrown back into the grips of school stress.
It was such a beautiful day (75 degrees!!) that I suggested we go to one of our favorite restaurants located on the pier. We sat by a table right next to the windows and had a gorgeous view to enjoy along with our lunch.

Although we sat down at around 2 o’clock, I still wasn’t very hungry because of my pancake breakfast. However, when bread is placed in front of me, all hunger cues fly out the window.

I made sure to hydrate for the plane ride! For lunch, I ordered the Santa Fe Chicken Sandwich with a side of fries.
Charbroiled marinated chicken breast with onion, Pasilla Chilies, cheese, and mild chipotle mayo on a whole wheat bun

Seriously delicious. I’m pretty sure when I gave Jason a bite to try he was jealous of my choice. Despite not being very hungry when I sat down and eating my share of bread before the meal, I managed to polish this baby off.

And now it is back to the reality of school work, responsibilities and cold weather.

I miss this being home already!


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