Pepper Power

Good Evening! If tomorrow is a holiday for you, like it is for me, the weekend isn’t over quite yet! It is kind of silly that school just started on Monday, and we already have a 3-day weekend! Oh, well, I guess I shouldn’t be complaining!

After eating my usual bowl of oatmeal for breakfast this morning, I headed to the gym for a quality sweat session. I spent 20 minutes warming up on the StairMaster before heading to an empty group exercise room to complete two rounds of my favorite Jump Rope Cardio Circuit. Whew, that workout is no joke….especially those Burpess and Mountain Climbers at the end!

Once I was sufficiently wiped, I headed home for lunch.

Taco Salad with seasoned taco meat, tomatoes, black olives, jicama, shredded cheese, black beans, corn and tortilla strips courtesy of campus dining, all topped with peach salsa.

With my workout complete and a tasty lunch in my tummy, I spent the rest of the day working on homework. Woo. At least I finished it all and even got a bit of a head start on next week’s material!

Once I deemed myself too overstimulated to absorb anymore information about Medicial Nutrition Therapy, Community Nutrition and Food Service Management, I called it quits for the day and got started on dinner.

Tonight I was craving my mom’s cooking, so I recreated one of my favorite dinners.Two turkey sausages, a green bell pepper, onion and garlic all sauteed in a pan and topped with Marinara sauce.
I enjoyed my meal with a roll on side, not only for the carb-y goodness, but also as a means to soak up all the extra sauce left at the end. Totally necessary.

Why Would Jessica Eat This?: Bell peppers are a wonderful source of vitamins A and C, carotenoids, anti-oxidants and fiber. Like most vegetables, they have a high water content which means they are also very low in calories, with a whole pepper containing only about 30 calories!

My new camera isn’t charging, so for now I am stuck using my mom’s old one 😦 Forgive me if the picture quality isn’t the best for the next few days until I solve the problem! Good night!


6 thoughts on “Pepper Power

  1. That tortilla salad looks amazing! Hello, my university cafeteria never had that good food! And I'm so jealous of you guys and your 3-day weekend (we don't get Martin Luther King day in Canada) but have a great one and enjoy it!

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