Eazy Peazy Mac and Cheezy

Macaroni and Cheese is comfort food at its best. But, just like many other classic comfort foods, it can be sky high in calories, fat and sodium. And those box mixes? Yikes! Don’t get me wrong, they are incredibly delicious, but take a look at the ingredient list and you might change your mind. My remedy? Homemade!
Eazy Peazy Mac & Cheezy
-1 cup pasta, dry
-2 slices cheese
-1-2 Tbsp. milk/non-dairy milk
-1/2 Tbsp. butter
-Garlic salt/other seasoning of your choice, to taste
-Flour, as needed
1.) Cook pasta according to directions on box and drain (I used shaped pasta, because it just makes macaroni and cheese taste better)
2.) While pasta is draining, combine butter and milk in the same pot that you used to cook the pasta (I didn’t really measure the Linkamount of milk I used…if you use too much you can compensate for it later)
3.) Add cheese to milk/butter mixture (if using sliced cheese, it is helpful to tear/cut it into smaller pieces so that it melts more easily)
4.) Stir cheese mixture constantly until it is melted and well combined. If it looks too thin add a pinch or two of flour to help thicken it up.
5.) Add pasta and mix well!

Talk about eazy peazy! The longest part of making this meal was cooking the pasta! And just look at all that cheesy goodness. I used my new favorite Pepper Jack flavored Veggie Slice Cheese. I have said it before, but I LOVE this stuff! Not only does it have a yummy flavor, it melts incredibly well…I am impressed every time!
To ensure that my bowl wasen’t the only green thing in my meal, I had a bowl of oven roasted Brussel Sprouts on the side. To prepare them I simply cut them in half lenght wise, topped them with seasoning, placed them on a greased cookie sheet and baked at 350* for about 25 minutes.
Why Would Jessica Eat This?: Recent studies have shown that Brussel Sprouts contain beneficial compounds that block enzyme activity that can be harmful to the health and stability of DNA within White Blood Cells. They are also a great source of Vitamin K, with one cup providing over 200% of the RDA!

Writing this post and looking at these pictures made me hungry! It’s dinner time…off to make more Mac & Cheese….it is just too good!
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10 thoughts on “Eazy Peazy Mac and Cheezy

  1. I'm addicted to the pepperjack veggie slices! Using them for Mac n' Cheese is brilliant. I can't wait to try it. (: And roasted brussels sprouts are seriously like candy to me. I could eat them forever. (:

  2. I am obsessed with Veggie Slices now! Pepper Jack is amazing…so amazing that I keep buying it without trying any of the other flavors! I need to, I'm thinking maybe I should venture out next time and try the Mozzarella!

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