My Super Sweet Twenty-Two

It is perfectly acceptable to wake up at 7 o’clock in the morning and eat a Red Velvet cupcake, right?? If its your birthday it is! My friend Phoebe was so sweet to make these for me last night and drop them off! I reasoned that they contained flour, sugar, milk and cream cheese, and since those are all acceptable breakfast foods it was totally justified! Way to start my day off on the right foot!
Actually, the cupcake was more of an “appetizer” than an actual breakfast. Breakfast was enjoyed out at one of my favorite breakfast spots in town. They bake home-made muffins fresh every morning, and they some of the best I have ever had! Strawberry-Chocolate Chip was my flavor of choice. Mmmm….check out that muffin top.Enjoyed with a Soy Chai Tea LatteAnd a side of fruit to balance it all out!

After breakfast, a little shopping and an hour and a half of class, my parents made it into town. They made the 7 hour drive up to Northern California today to spend the weekend with me and I couldn’t be happier to see them! We went to an early dinner to a super cute little place in town that we had never been to before.

I started with the most delicious Sangria ever.While we waited for our entrees, we enjoyed a delicious appetizer of warmed goat cheese and fresh herbs on garlic toast. For my entree, I order the Vegetarian Lasagna with collard greens, artichokes, caramelized onions, hard-cooked eggs and bechamel.This was definitely not your “traditional” lasagna, but it was out of this world good!

Unfortunately, I had a 3 hour lab from 5-8 tonight, so my parents dropped me off at class right after we finished up our amazing meal.

Shocking frog hearts for three hours in a physiology lab was definitely the last place I wanted to be on the night of my birthday, but I made it through because I knew what was waiting for me once I got out.Remember last week when I was super bummed about not getting my Tiramisu? My mom brought an entire Tiramisu cake up for me!!Over the summer when my mom and I went wedding cake tasting, we found the most AMAZING baker and booked her immediately (check her out here!). We were so completely in love with her cakes that my mom promised to order one for my birthday. Since my schedule this quarter at school was too jam packed for me to make the trip down to Southern California, I figured I would just have to wait until Jason and I get married in August to taste one of the amazing cakes again. My mom was awesome enough to get me one and drive it all the way up to me!Just look at the beautiful detail!Believe it or not, it was even better than it looked. So worth the wait!

It would be a lie if I said I didn’t go back for more.

Entering sugar coma in 3, 2, 1…..

The party is just getting started!


16 thoughts on “My Super Sweet Twenty-Two

  1. Those cupcakes look awesome! Tell Phoebe they get the Jason's Chocolate Sweets Seal of Approval. Since I'm allergic, the rating is based primarily on looks. :)Glad you had a happy day with your parents. That was awesome of them to drive up to see you! I'll be up there at the end of the month! Love you so much baby! Keep up the good blog posts. 🙂

  2. Ahh what a great birthday! That was so sweet of your parents to make the drive to spend it with you. And oh my goodness that cake! It looks divine! So glad you had a great day girl. 🙂

  3. This post just makes me so happy Jessica 🙂 I LOVE YOU and am so happy you celebrated your birthday in the best way possible 😀 it looks fab ❤

  4. Well I thought a strawberry chocolate muffin sounded good until I saw that cake!! It sounds and looks amazing. Specialty cakes like that are the best! I can't wait till our 1 year anniversary in May so I can eat the top part of our wedding cake!. Happy Birthday again!

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