Good Morning! Hopefully all you out there with the day off are enjoying it!

I took advantage of the extra time I had this morning to switch up my normal breakfast routine. No oatmeal for me today….shocking! I picked up some eggs while grocery shopping this past week and put them to good use this morning.

I made what was supposed to be an omelet with pepper jack cheese and spinach. With ketchup on top, of course (because now you all know about my slight ketchup obsession!)I say it was supposed to be an omelet because really, it just turned into this thing. Flipping omelets is definitely not one of my specialties! Luckily, it still tasted great.

Along with my eggs, I had a smoothie.What?! That doesn’t look like something that you would want to wake up to?
Served in a wine glass to make it look slightly more appealing!

Trust me…looks scary, tastes AMAZING! What made it so amazing?LinkA packet of Amazing Grass Berry Green SuperFood! While I have featured Amazing Grass Amazing Meal in a previous post , this was my first time trying the Green SuperFood, and I absolutely loved it! The ingredients, which include wheat grass, alfalfa, spinach, and broccoli as well as an antioxidant blend with Acai, Maca, Green Tea and Goji Berries, among many other wonderful things, really added to the nutritional value of this meal! Plus, everything in it is organic.

In the blender:
1 Packet of Berry Green SuperFood
1 giant handful of spinach (hence the lovely green color!)
1 container 0% Plain Chobani Greek Yogurt
1 Banana
A few fresh raspberries
A splash of soy milk to get everything going

Sounds so good it makes you want some of your own, doesn’t it? Well, I guess it is your lucky day! I have 2 boxes of Amazing Meal (each of which contains 15 single serving packs) to give away to two lucky readers!

Here are the rules:
1.) Become a friend of Amazing Grass on Facebook by clicking here
2.) Leave a comment on this post telling me that you did so, and which flavor of Amazing Meal you would like to try (you can check them out here!)
3.) For an additional chance to win, tweet: “I entered the @WWJENutrition Amazing Grass giveaway!”

I will be picking 2 lucky winners next week, so get those entries in!

Good luck!


14 thoughts on “Amazing.

  1. Keeping it classy with the smoothie in a wine glass. Nice. 😉 anyway- the "omelet" sounds like it was good despite the flipping mishap. I've gotten so much better at making beautiful eggs since I eat them every morning!

  2. Oh nice, I stopped by on the PERFECT day! I LOVE Amazing Grass! I used to drink it a lot a few years ago, but for some reason I stopped (well, it's expensive!). I am a fan of them on FB already.I would choose any of their chocolate flavors, because I like my smoothies to have some sort of chocolate in them.The omelet looks really tasty, by the way. The art of making an omelet is tough. I agree.

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