I am a self-proclaimed sweet addict. No doubt about it! Because of this, 99% of the time I wake up in the morning wanting something sweet. Savory? Naaah, not my thing. Gimme the oatmeal mixed with a banana and Peanut Butter, or the Greek Yogurt mixed with juicy berries and topped with granola. This isn’t to say I don’t like savory breakfast foods, I just don’t like them in the morning. That’s what Brinner (Breakfast for Dinner) is for!
Tonight was a Brinner kind of night!
I made an awesome breakfast sandwich filled with scrambled eggs, a salmon burger and a wedge of laughing cow cheese between two pieces of toast.
I couldn’t wait long enough to get a better picture…I was too excited to get this meal into my belly. The picture doesn’t do it justice…it was SO good!
To round out the meal, I had a bowl of sauteed baby summer squash.

Why Would Jessica Eat This?: Summer squash, or baby zucchini, like many other vegetables, is a great source of key antioxidants including the carotenoids lutein and zeaxanthin. Many of this veggie’s health promoting elements are contained within the skin, so don’t toss that peel!

Quick post tonight! I am off to review my notes once more before tomorrow morning’s Clinical Nutrition midterm…wish me luck! Then, tomorrow night, my fiance will be coming into town to visit so we can have a belated birthday/Valentine’s celebration! I’m looking forward to a fun weekend!


9 thoughts on “Brinner

  1. You may have actually convinced me to do breakfast for dinner tonight. I have had so many leftovers latly that I keep eating dinner for breakfast so time to change it up. I miss my eggs and bacon! Good Luck on your midterm!!!

  2. Haha, we're opposites! I love all breakfast foods, but I want my savory in the morning and my sweet pancakes, waffles, etc., for dinner. I love sauteed squash, can't wait 'til it's in season here!

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