Don’t Get Between a Mama Bear and Her Cub

Happy weekend, everyone! Hope yours is off to a good start….I know mine is!

Backing up to last night….my fiance, Jason, made the 7 hour drive up from southern California, to visit me at school so we could have a belated birthday/Valentine’s day weekend. Best fiance ever! He got into town right around dinner time, so we headed to a local brewery/restaurant that is one of our favorite spots to eat. On the way to dinner, all I could think about was ordering a big, juicy burger. So big, juicy burger it was!I went all out and ordered the sauteed mushroom burger with pepper jack cheese and fries.

Hit the spot!
After going home, enjoying a glass of wine and relaxing for a bit, we headed out! We met some friends at one of the bars in town for Line Dancing Night. Fun times! I ordered a Long Island, and danced a few dances. The dance floor was packed the entire night!

After sleeping in this morning, we met Jason’s parents (who live about an hour from where I attend college) in Napa for lunch. They took us to a great little Italian place that is an old favorite of their’s. Our group ordered a large pizza, and the couples ordered salads to split.
We agreed on the chicken, artichoke and mushroom pizza
And Jason and I split a shrimp salad
We made sure to save room for dessert!
When I found out Sift Bakery, winner of the Food Network show Cupcake Wars, was located in Napa, I wanted to go there with my parents when they were visiting for my birthday two weekends ago. Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to make it there, so I was super excited when I found out we would be in the area this weekend.
I convinced Jason to take me…it was really hard. And by ‘hard’, I mean super easy. His response was, “yeah, sure, we can stop there…I know getting between Jessica and a cupcake is like getting between a mama bear and her cub.” I have never heard a truer statement in my life. He understands me so well.

We invited Jason’s parents along after lunch, and they were more than happy to join us!
There were so many yummy looking choices!
Jason and I each decided on one cupcake, and then split them down the middle so we could taste both.
My choice was the Snickerdoodle cupcake, while he chose the Cookies and Cream one.
Great way to spend a Saturday afternoon!


8 thoughts on “Don’t Get Between a Mama Bear and Her Cub

  1. How fun! So, I learned something about you today, and that is that you are engaged (I don't think I knew that…). Your fiance is a CUTIE!! And how nice of him to come visit you and show you a GREAT time. I won't lie, line dancing is one of my favorite past times 🙂 I haven't done it in FOREVER, but I'd love to have a line dancing night with friends sometime (I doubt my own fiance would be down for it though, ha!).

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