WIAW: A Day In Reverse

Another week, another WIAW!

After a fun-filled weekend of super yummy food, I am back to my normal eating and exercising schedule and it feels great! I love indulging every once and a while, but after a few too many days, I am always glad to return to my usual habits.
While today’s eats definitely didn’t compare to the burgers, fries, pizza, cupcakes, Blizzards and crepes that I had this weekend, they were still delicious!

My day started with dessert….LinkIn the form of Strawberry Cheesecake Oatmeal!

Who says you can’t have dessert for breakfast?! I made this bowl by adding 1/4 c. of 2% cottage cheese during the last 30 seconds of cooking for an added protein punch. Delicious!

The extra protein in this breakfast did an awesome job of powering me through a 50-minute cardio session at the gym and my afternoon class.

It has been awhile since I prepared a big, veggie-filled salad for lunch, but I brought it back today!I picked up a tuna salad at school and took it home to jazz it up with extra lettuce, spinach, black beans, garlic hummus, cottage cheese and salsa. It was perfectly filling!

When I got home from lab I threw together a quick dinner. Tonight was another “Brinner” night! Since I started my day with “dessert”, why not end it with breakfast?I made a breakfast sandwich filled with scrambled eggs, brie cheese and blackberry jam. Sounds like a strange combo, but it is a great mix of sweet and savory!
Plus an apple on the side because I don’t have any other veggies!
Why Would Jessica Eat This?: French researches found that a flavanoid found in apples may provide post-menopausal women with protection against osteoporosis and may even help increase bone density. However, the saying “an apple a day” doesn’t just apply to the ladies out there! Another study revealed that rats who were fed an extract from the skin of apples had a 43% lower risk of colon cancer. This type of cancer is the third most common type of cancer seen in both men and women, so crunch away!

It’s past my bed time…good night!


31 thoughts on “WIAW: A Day In Reverse

  1. The brinner looks delicious. And that strawberry cheesecake oatmeal?? What a fab idea to actually use cottage cheese!

  2. I absolutely love apples, but hardly ever eat them for some reason! Today, I had a craving for one and it was delicious! I love slicing them thinly, sprinkling with cinnamon and then "baking" them in the microwave for 2-3 minutes…it comes out tasting like dessert!

  3. Your food creations are so creative!! I mean, a sandwich with scrambled eggs, brie, and blackberry jam?! Unheard of! But I love it.I think it's brilliant that you added cottage cheese toy our oats. Great way to add some much needed protein in your morning oats.

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