Miso Crazy for Sushi

As a treat for devoting my Friday night to studying for a midterm I have on Monday, I bought myself sushi for dinner. I picked up a pack of sushi from the student-run food court (for lack of a better word) when I was on campus today. Surprisingly, the packaged to-go sushi is amazing…it is the best pre-made sushi I have ever had! While I love sushi, it is something I treat as a “special” food, mainly because it costs an arm and a leg! But, never the less, I find it delicious, and pretty darn healthy! Rice, fresh fish and vegetables…totally healthy, right? Well, yes and no!

We have all been to those sushi restaurants that offer dozens of different sushi options, some of which are healthy, and some of which are nightmares wrapped in seaweed.So what’s the sushi secret when dining out?

Start with Appetizers
Miso soup, which contains less than 1oo calories per bowl, and edamame are both super healthy and filling starters that are packed with nutrition and will help take the edge off your hunger. Plus, they are usually free with your meal, so why not!?
Order salmon and tuna
All fish is very nutritious, but these two little swimmers are particularly high in Omega-3s while also being low in saturated fat. At around just 40 calories per ounce, choosing these varieties will ensure that your sushi is delivering a big bang for your buck!
Spice Things Up!
If you are brave enough to add wasabi and ginger to your sushi (I, for one, am not!) go for it! Wasabi is packed with antioxidants, and ginger helps boost your immune system!
Just as in Life, “Dynamite” is Dangerous!
Any sushi containing the words “dynamite” or “crunch” contain fried ingredients, making them higher in calories and fat. If these are your favorite rolls, don’t make a meal out of them. Split a higher calorie roll and a lower calorie roll (such as a veggie roll) with a friend so you can still get your fix without over doing it
Read Descriptions Carefully
This goes along with the above tip. There are a lot of “Americanized” sushi rolls now in Japanese restaurants that contain fatty ingredients like cream cheese and mayonnaise-based sauces. Again, split with a friend if these are your “go-to” choices!
Go for anything “steamed”, “grilled” or “raw”

These menu items tend to be the healthiest with the simplest ingredients!
Choose Brown Rice When it is Available
One sushi roll can contain up to a cup of rice, or about 200-300 calories. If you are ordering multiple rolls for yourself, that adds up quickly! Choosing brown rice when you can will help you sneak in a little extra fiber, along with some magnesium and selenium.
Use Low Sodium Soy Sauce
It is still plenty salty, and you will never be able to tell the difference!
Master the Art of Using Chop Sticks
They can be tricky at first, but once you get the hang of using them, chop sticks will help you to eat slower and savor your meal even more, which in turn will help you eat less
Watch Your Portions!
Yes, there are loads of healthy options on the sushi menu, but that doesn’t give you license to go all out! Portion control is still important! One serving is about one roll, or 6 pieces.

Happy Weekend!



5 thoughts on “Miso Crazy for Sushi

  1. Great tips girl! I'm going out for sushi tonight and I can't wait. :DI almost always order a salmon roll + a tuna roll when I go. I like that they're made of just fish, rice and seaweed and nothing else!

  2. Sushi is one of my favorite meals! I remember the first time I tried it I thought I would hate it forever. After the second bite I was hooked.

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