Banana Bread Pancakes

Pancakes are at the top of my “all-time favorite breakfast” list, but they are something I very rarely take the time to make. I actually kind of like that though, because it makes having them feel like a special occasion. This week I hit an personal mileage record, running (and actually enjoying!) more miles in the past seven days that I ever have before! If that doesn’t call for some celebratory pancakes, I don’t know what does.
LinkSome of my favorite past pancake recipes have included:
Pumpkin Pancakes
Oatmeal & Flax Pancakes
and of course
Mom’s Chocolate Chip Pancakes

But, Banana Bread Pancakes were on the menu for breakfast this morning!
Banana Bread Pancakes
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1/2 c. oats
1/4th c. cottage cheese
1/2 ripe banana, mashed
1 egg
A splash of milk (maybe 2 Tbsp?)
Cinnamon, to taste

Combine all ingredients in a blender, with a enough milk to get everything moving (add more as needed until a desired consistency is reached)
Pour batter into a hot, greased pan
Top with syrup and banana slices and enjoy!
I also added some Greek yogurt on top for “whipped cream”. Alright, there is no way that Greek yogurt will ever compare to a huge dollop of whipped cream on a pancake breakfast, but hey…at least this was a little healthier!

Why Would Jessica Eat This?: When you think ‘bananas’ the first nutrition-related thing that comes to mind is probably potassium, right? It is true that bananas are a great source of this nutrient, but they are also packed with tons of other great things! At just 110 calories for one medium-sized fruit, bananas are also a great source of B-vitamins and fiber. The National Academy of Sciences has shown that the potassium and fiber found in bananas may help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, stroke and heart disease. Love your heart and peel one open!


22 thoughts on “Banana Bread Pancakes

  1. I found you through FitFluential! I love your blog. These pancakes sound delicious! I made Sunday pancakes with a recipe similar to this!

  2. I still have to try your avocado smoothie trick! I really need to go buy avocados!! And yes, chocolate chip pancakes are by far the best! Especially topped with strawberries and whipped cream πŸ˜‰

  3. I'm with you on pancakes–I absolutely love them, but don't make them that often, so they are a super-treat when I do! I made some really good ones Sunday, and I still remember them fondly…no bananas, but they WERE topped with blueberries/blueberry sauce. Yum yum.

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