Burrito Bowl

Hello, and happy Spring-Forward Sunday! Remember me?! Sorry I have been MIA for the past week…I had another round of camera issues and I was waiting for my mom’s camera to get here in the mail. She was so nice to immediately offer her’s as a loner as soon as I told her my charger was acting up again. So, the problem is now temporarily solved and we will return to our regularly scheduled blogging!
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Yesterday marked exactly TWO weeks until graduation! (Yes…my last final ever is on a Saturday. I would like to thank the jerk who scheduled that one!) In any case, studying is in full swing, and my first (and most stressful!) final is this Wednesday. I have been studying and working on projects all week long, and yesterday, I started getting close to full on mental burn out. Getting burnt out before finals week even starts is not a good thing.
Knowing that, I gave myself a chance to sleep in this morning, lounge around for awhile, drink a big cup of coffee while catching up on some blogs and eating a big bowl of Cheesecake Oats for breakfast. I told myself that I could use that hour or two to prepare myself for another day of studying, and that I would get back into it after breakfast. Well, breakfast came and went, and I spent the whole next hour doing nothing of value. I deemed myself unproductive, and decided that a nice, long, energizing run outside would help me focus better once I came back. I laced up and did an awesome 7-mile loop around town that took me about an hour to complete.

Once I got home and showered, I refueled my body (and brain!)

The worst part of my run is when I pass this shopping center with one of the best Mexican food places in town. The smell of delicious, fatty Mexican food is torture, and always makes me want to call it quits and go inside for a burrito! Of course, this never happens…but it does leave me craving Mexican food for the rest of the day. Solution to this problem?

Homemade Burrito Bowl!
Or rather…Burrito Plate?
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Instead of undoing all the sweaty, hard work I did on my run with a calorie-laden dish from a Mexican restaurant, I created my own. I was working off inspiration from the Burrito Bowls that I always order from Chipotle.

I layered re-fried beans, brown rice, a little bit of chicken, and sauteed green bell peppers and onions (all mixed with taco seasoning) onto a bed of lettuce
And topped it with a blob of peach salsa!
I was right…the run and the fuel were just the things I needed to get my booty in gear.

Back to studying I go!


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