A (Few) Reasons to Smile

The fact that it is Saturday can only mean one thing (besides that it is St. Patrick’s Day), only one more week of college! Woo!
As you can imagine, it is a pretty busy and stressful time for me, but I still have a smile on my face! So, what made the past week so smile-worthy?
First was coming home to these after my first final on Wednesday night! After spending 12 straight hours on campus, I wasn’t in the greatest mood, but that all changed when I got home. My fiance knew that I was worried about my test and that I had spend a week studying for it, and he sent these to congratulate me for being done!
Is there an award for best fiance ever? Because I have a nominee!

This card from my sweet, sweet mama that came in the mail yesterday put another smile on my face!

The “green” inside didn’t hurt either!

What else is making me smile?
Sweat it out sat button
Participating in my first “Sweat It Out Saturday” with this awesome workout

St. Patty’s Day Seven

This workout definitely had me sweatin’ it out! Breaking this run into 0.5 mile segments really made it fly by. And you better believe I had my green Nike workout top on today!

Never heard of “Sweat It Out Saturday“? It was started by Stefanie over at The New Healthy to try to spread motivation by sharing motivational quotes, upbeat songs, fun new work out gear, and much much more. Be sure to check out all the fun link that other bloggers have posted!

Back to studying!


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