A Goodbye Cow Pie

TGI(Almost!)F! I had my second to last final today, and my last is on Saturday…just have to get thought the next two day, then I’m outta here!
A few weeks ago, I shared a lunch that I had with my good friend, Amy, and tonight, we met again, but for dinner! Since pickings are slim in my kitchen because I am about to move out, and I was feeling a little too mentally exhausted to cook, I pulled this out of my freezer.

This was my first time having an Amy’s frozen meal, but knowing the quality this company puts into their products, I knew I was in for something good.

Ohhhh, I was so right! I was love at first bite.

The best part was the enchilada sauce…it had a wonderful flavor!

I try not to rely on frozen meals too often, but with 0g Trans Fat, no Added MSG, no preservatives and a wholesome ingredient list, this was a great, convenient and healthy meal!

With a side of beans and rice.

And, there were no dishes to clean up. How much better could it get?

As a reward for all the hard studying we have been doing, my friend and I met for our favorite dessert! Before I tell you about this special treat, I have to give you a little background information. The university I attend in Northern California is kinda in the middle of nowhere…it is often referred to as “Cow Town”. Along with our somewhat secluded location and our university’s reputation for being a big agricultural school, we are known for our cows. Yes…our cows. There are pictures and statues of them everywhere! Yeah….we are really cool, I know.

Back to dessert! We met downtown at a ice cream and dessert shop called “Sugar Daddies”. They have tons of tempting, yummy looking options available

Including a mesmerizing case of cupcakes!

As good as they looked, we only had one thing on our minds…

Cow Pies!

I think this is what heaven looks like.

Two freshly baked cookies of your choice with ice cream sandwiched in between. My choice tonight was one White Chocolate Macadamia Nut cookie and one Double Chocolate Chip cookie and Salted Carmel ice cream. The ice cream was all nice and melt-y when I got it, so a spoon was necessary. It was a glorious mess.

My friend and I have been obsessed with these things since we discovered them our freshman year, and I couldn’t graduate without having one last goodbye Cow Pie.

My heart is happy. I will miss you!


9 thoughts on “A Goodbye Cow Pie

  1. I love Amy's frozen meals! They're a great option when you're in a pinch. I've never heard of Cow Pies before either, but that looks absolutely delicious. The salted caramel ice cream was an excellent choice!

  2. Ooo, now that cow pie looks like the definition of celebration! I'm in clean out the fridge and freezer mode, too. Getting down to the bare bones! I might have to go buy a frozen meal or two like that, just so I can survive a few extra days, haha. Amy's burritos are my favorite frozen quick-style meals.

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