I LIke to Run, Becuase I Really, Really, Really Like Dessert

Yesterday as Jason, my fiance, was driving up to Northern California we made plans for the night. We decided that we would go out for an early celebration dinner, come back to my house and work on packing up my room and then go back out to enjoy dessert. With the promise of dessert later that night, I knew that I should go for a run. The weather was perfect, but putting my running shoes on and sweating did not sound very appealing. After sitting around and avoiding my workout for awhile, I dug deep, using the promise of dessert as my motivation to get my booty moving.Once Jason got into town, it was dinner time! We headed downtown to the same local restaurant that my parents and I went to for my 22nd birthday.

I started with a glass of much needed wine

And we shared a few slices of bread.

I ordered the same lasagna that I ordered last time

Only thing time, I wasn’t blown away…it was just okay this time, which was kind of disappointing. Unfortunately, Jason wasn’t too excited about his dinner either. We decided that we would make up for it at dessert.We searched around town, and stopped into a few spots, but didn’t find anything that really stuck us. We wanted to go all out, but we wanted to make it worth it. After a while of searching, we decided to take a 25 minute drive out to a place we knew would satisfy our cravings.

Fenton’s is famous for their amazing, over the top ice cream creations. They had so many tasty sounding combinations, but our choice was easy.

We went for the Sundae of the Month.

You know that run I had to force myself to go on earlier in the day…I was so glad that I got in those 7 miles!

When the waitress brought the delicious monstrosity to our table, we both said “Oh my Gosh!” in unison.

Ice cream sundae the size of my head? Don’t mind if I do!

We left nothing behind.

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7 thoughts on “I LIke to Run, Becuase I Really, Really, Really Like Dessert

  1. That dessert sounds and looks amazing. On days when I don't feel all that up to working out I do tend to use the calories I'm going to burn as motivation. Sometimes I feel okay about that and other times I'm not sure that's the healthiest approach to take. It's the whole "eat to exercise, don't exercise to eat" thing… I don't know, the jury is still out. Anyways, that ice cream still looks stellar.

  2. that monster sundae looks so awesome! im glad you were able to enjoy it guilt free after your run! i would have eaten it either way though, yum!

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