Welcome back to another…

My morning started with a repeat…Strawberry Cheesecake oats!

I feel like this is my breakfast in every single WIAW post, but this is actually the first time I have eaten oatmeal since being home. I have been on a serious cereal and yogurt kick lately! I think my time away from oatmeal made this bowl taste especially tasty!

After digesting, I went to the gym for spin class! Still can’t get enough!

Lunch today was a tasty one…perfect post workout fuel!

I had a bowl of chicken and veggies with honey sesame sauce over orzo pasta

Paired with a super juicy orange on the side.

Dinner came together thanks to the addition of some Easter leftovers

Homemade Split pea soup with ham and a dollop of greek yogurt on top!

Delicious and thick, just like it should be!

With ths soup alone I think I met this month’s WIAW challenge of “serving up an extra cup of veggies”!

I didn’t realize it until I was writing this post, but I used the same bowl for all three meals I ate today. I swear I used a new, clean bowl every time!!

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11 thoughts on “WIAW

  1. you gotta love leftovers and re-purposing them for a quick and easy meal! this soup looks great and you can't beat mommas cooking. 🙂

  2. I've been loving spin classes lately too! I've always been a runner so spinning is something new for me. I never expected to like it so much (minus the halfway point in class when I think I'm dying and will never make it to the end…but that passes:))That lunch looks perfect! Chicken+Veggies+Carbs are hard to beat!:) I'm feeling a stir fry tomorrow!

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